Our Staff

Martin & Kim Dale

Martin and Kim began their journey with YWAM in 1990 when they moved with their 2 and 3 year old children, Seth and Leah, to YWAM Tyler, Texas for missionary training. That began an adventure with God that has taken them to 8 nations and 23 different cities in America as a family doing ministry and sharing the love of Jesus.  Their passion for urban America began in 1987 when they went on a short-term mission trip to New York City. God really broke their hearts with the things that break His while on that trip. The spiritual darkness that pervades cities in America became clearer and they knew that God was not through with America. The Dale’s first visit to Houston, Texas was in 1994 with a YWAM Tyler Discipleship Training School team that they were leading and fell in love with the 4th largest city in America. During the ensuing 4 years they traveled back and forth 12 different times to Houston before they moved to pioneer YWAM Houston in 1998. They believe that God has a destiny for this great city and for cities all over the world. They count it an honor to serve God in Houston as YWAM missionaries.

David and Abigail Elliott

David and Abigail Elliott completed their Discipleship Training School and School of Evangelism at YWAM Tyler in 2007-2008. David went on to join school staff at YWAM Tyler and complete a School of Worship (SOW). After completing his SOW, David interned for a youth pastor at New Life Providence Church in VA Beach for 8 months. At this time David felt led to join YWAM Houston and served there throughout his engagement to Abigail. Abigail obtained her Bachelors Degree in Cross Cultural Studies at Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, FL during this time. After three years of long-distance dating, David and Abigail were married on August 13, 2011. They have been on staff with YWAM Houston since March, 2012.

“We have a passion to see God move radically in our cities and in our nation. We feel that God is strategically using the cities of the world as a spring-board for global missions and we are excited to see how God will use us in the city of Houston.”

“Coach” and Nancy Brown

Conley “Coach” and Nancy Brown first came to YWAM in 2006 to complete their Discipleship Training School and School of Evangelism. They had recently retired from their secular jobs and wanted to remain active in serving the Lord. Nancy and Coach have always had a heart for those that are hurting. Previous to YWAM they kept 50 foster children over a 10 year period. After their schools, Nancy and Coach spent 9 months in Sudan overseeing an orphanage with 130 orphans. They then became house parents at Fatherheart Maternity Home in Lindale, TX. They remained at Fatherheart for 3 1/2 years before joining YWAM Houston staff in June, 2012.

“In Houston, our desire is to continue to reach those that are in need of help. YWAM Houston has many opportunities for this. We want to be a support for Martin and Kim Dale in their efforts to reach Houston and make a difference in this city.”


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