Little Footprints

It has been estimated that up to 1,500 homeless youth live on the streets of Houston on any given night, with a large concentration in the Montrose community. The majority of these young people, ages 17-24, are high school drop-outs, emotionally unstable, jobless, addicted to drugs and/or alcohol and the aimless street life, which often leads to criminal behavior. These young people are sexually active, often with a multitude of partners (of the same or opposite sex) and many participate in prostitution or “survival sex.”

Sadly, many young women are raising children in the midst of this precarious environment. Even those who want to get away from the street scene to make a better life for their children find themselves economically trapped. Traditional childcare is not affordable so mothers often resort to other “street kids” for babysitting services, with children often exposed to at-risk activities and immoral behavior that is an inherent part of street life.

The heart of Little Footprints is to reach the little ones of the streets through various means:

  • Assisting the mother to become stable enough to raise her own children
  • Placing her child/children in our Rescue Family Program through Loving Alternative, an adoption/foster agency
  • Helping with practical needs such as diapers, wipes and formula, etc.

Our Goal: to love, bring acceptance to, give encouragement, and instill self worth and a sense of value into the street children, teaching them that they are special and that someone cares about them that they may become healthy citizens of society.

We expect to meet our goals and to affect the lives of these at-risk children by sharing the love of Christ through meeting practical needs and through training Christian families to assist in the care of the street children as the need arises.

Click HERE for more information on our ministry and how you can volunteer or donate.


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