Montrose Street Reach

Who We Are:

Youth With A Mission [YWAM] Houston and Joe Williams Ministries have come together to reach the often forgotten and ignored at-risk street kids and older homeless in the Montrose area of downtown Houston. Many of them exist as prostitutes, pimps, drug dealers, transsexuals and drag queens working the streets of our city just to survive. Among the estimated 1,500 homeless youth living on and/or making their living from the streets of Houston, many are abused, emotionally unstable, educationally challenged and jobless. Shockingly, among this troubled group of youth, there are young women attempting to raise children in the vicious street environment. Lacking money, these mothers frequently turn to other street kids as babysitters, thus exposing their children to immoral, unhealthy environments. Even the young people who have a desire to get away from the street scene often find themselves economically trapped.

What We Do:

Each Wednesday night Montrose Street Reach provides a Street Church in an open air parking lot. We offer a service, hot meal, clothing distribution, child care as well as practical assistance such as transportation, diapers, pregnancy tests, GED referrals and placement into drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. We partner with over twenty local churches who assist in this outreach. Some participate by providing meals on Wednesday nights, and others assist through volunteering their time each week.

In addition we have a Friday night outreach where we walk the streets sharing the love of Jesus and offering practical help to the people we meet. We also receive numerous phone calls requesting many different kinds of assistance. We offer what help we can, with one caveat – we won’t contribute to enabling the street people to stay in the dangerous situations in which they put themselves.

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to see at risk urban youth and older homeless transformed by transitioning them out of their current environment and equipping them to lead productive lives through Jesus Christ.

Click HERE for more information on Montrose Street Reach.


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